• Coat Check: Mandatory coat & bag check.

  • Strollers : Due to space restrictions, strollers are not permitted on the floor and must be checked at the front door or outside.

  • Fitting Room : Fitting rooms will not always be available. When available, fitting rooms are communal, have a 10 item limit, and at busy times will be subject to a 10-minute time limit.

  • Restrooms : Not available

  • All sales are final. No Returns. Refunds. Exchanges.
    Due to the fact that the merchandise we are selling is not owned by 260 Sample Sale, we are under strict obligations to adhere to our clients' final sale policy.

  • No holds.

  • All merchandise is sold as-is.

  • Bulk Purchasing

    • 260 does not approve the bulk purchasing of merchandise - strict limits will be enforced based on advisement from the brand.

    • Customers who attend 260 Sample Sale events and are witnessed collecting items in bulk will be given a time limit to make their way to the register, that must be adhered to.

    • Any behavior that in any way impedes on the satisfaction and well being of other customers and staff (in store) will not be tolerated.

    • We reserve the right to refuse sale and entry based on the above.

  • Items brought to the sample sale could be unfinished genuine samples, returns, overstock, etc.

  • Brick and mortar sales only. No online or over the phone sales.

  • Cash & credit accepted.

  • Apple & Android Pay available.