The Menswear Brand You Will Want to Wear!

The Bonobos sample sale is just days away – which means shoppers have the opportunity to shop Bonobos menswear up to 60% off their Spring/Summer Collection.

Bonobos started from one of the most frustrating factors when it comes to clothing, not finding pants that fit. So that is where Bonobos set out to design pants with a signature curved waistband that conforms to the natural shape of one’s waist. From creating the perfect fit pant the brand has expanded to creating shirts and suits.

Recently Bonobos has released a new line of high-tech clothing, which has helped them stand out in the very competitive menswear market. This line uses high-tech fabric that is stretchy and moisture resistant. Additionally, it can resist stains from spills. Perfect for the man on the go! Dwight Fenton, head of design at Bonobos stated the collection is made for, “anybody who demands clothing that suits their active lives without sacrificing performance or style.” This Tech Chino was so successful that it inspired the company to create an entire line. 

Check out the article and view the slideshow below to learn more about this new line and we can’t wait to see you at the Bonobos sample sale starting on Wednesday, August 15th.

Laura DiGiovanna