Stylist Spotlight: Tamira Wells

Calling all fashionista’s: have you heard of Tamira Wells, our 260 LA stylist? If you haven’t you definitely should have her on your radar. Tamira Wells is a stylist and fashion consultant living in Los Angeles, California.

If you follow 260 LA on Instagram her eye for style fills up our page as she styles many of our sample sale photoshoots, taking our clothes to the streets!

Her passion for styling has recently caught the attention of, where last week she was featured as their Fashion Bombshell of the Day. Tamira describes her styles as fun, eclectic, vibrant, rock star chic, vintage, party chick. Now these are all styles we totally agree with!

Check out the gallery below to see just some of her work at 260 LA as she is one talented stylist that we are so thrilled to have her on our team. Her style might just inspire you the next time you shop one of our sales and then rock your new clothes.

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Laura DiGiovanna