Stylist Spotlight: Jennifer Rosson

Attention all fashionistas! Is Jennifer Rosson on your radar, because if not she definitely should be. Jennifer is a personal stylist, wardrobe designer, and interior stylist with over a decade of experience in the San Diego area. She has been named San Diego’s Fashion Stylist Top 5 by FINE Magazine. We sat down with Rosson to get to know her and learn about her experience as a stylist and how she utilizes samples sales for her work.

If you follow the 260 LA Instagram you will notice her work as she has styled many of our sample sale photoshoots. Rosson is just like many of you who are customers of 260 LA but not only as a customer because of the great sample sales but how it has supported her as a professional stylist. Rosson states, “It allows me to get fabulous quality products for my clients at a fraction of the cost.”

We had to ask her what her favorite item is that she has purchased at 260 LA in which she answered, a pair of Oscar De La Renta statement earrings. So, it is a no brainer that her favorite trend at the moment is statement earrings.

We asked her a question we think many of you would ask a stylist, which is, what’s the best style advice you have ever received? She stated, “The most important element in dressing is fit. If you have an inexpensive piece that is tailored and fits you just right you’ll look like a million bucks.”

For those of you who are thinking about using a stylist but are not sure that it is right for you Rosson states, “working with a personal stylist can save you money, time and help you be more eco-friendly in addition to building confidence.

If you are interested in working with Rosson she offers her style clients in-person consultations in the Southern California region but for those who are not local to California, she has a virtual style service as well.

Jennifer Rosson is one talented stylist that we are so thrilled to work with.

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Laura DiGiovanna