The Paul Smith Sample Sale

The Paul Smith sample sale has returned to Beverly Hills, to 260 Sample Sale LA, 265 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, from Tuesday, April 24th – Sunday, April 29th. At this sale you will find men’s, women’s, and kids clothing, shoes, and accessories for up to 75% off the Paul Smith retail price.

Paul Smith, a well-known British designer who combines both traditional and modern into his collections can definitely be seen throughout his men’s and women’s apparel. The wide variety of menswear includes tops, bottoms, and suits. There is a large selection of button down shirts in solid colors and prints. Shirts are $75. Additionally, the selection of tops includes graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and knitwear. T-shirts are $25, sweatshirts are $60, and knitwear is $90. If you are in need of a new suit then this sale is the place you need to shop. The racks of rich suit colors from sizes chest 26 – waist 30 to chest 48 – waist 42 can be purchased. Suits are $450 and sportscoats are $220. All outerwear is $265 and casual jackets are $115. Vests and waistcoats are $60. The assortment of bottoms seen on the racks are trousers, jeans, and shorts. Trousers are $90, jeans are $70, and shorts are $50. With summer weeks away, a new bathing suit is a must and are $35. To keep you chic while you sleep you can shop Paul Smith Robes/PJs which are $60.

As you make your way throughout the sale you will come to the racks of the women’s apparel featuring tops, bottoms, and dresses. The selection of tops includes blouses, t-shirts, shirts, and knitwear. T-shirts are $25, shirts are $75, and knitwear is $90. The variety of bottoms consists of trousers, jeans, and skirts. Trousers are $90 and jeans and skirts are $70. But if your shopping for work clothes then this sale is perfect for you! Suits both neutral and bold colors were spotted. Suits are $450. But if a dress to work or a fun night out is missing in your closet then this void has been filled. Dresses are $160. Jacket styles such as peacoats and trenches were amongst the racks. Jackets are $220, and outerwear is $265. Waistcoats/vests are $60. Fun swimwear prints on bikinis and one piece suits are always a good idea and with swim prices at $35 this should be an easy one!

This sale is a family affair featuring a table with both girls and boys apparel. Prices are as follows: swim and t-shirts are $15, shorts and skirts are $20, trousers, shirts, knits, and dresses are $25, and jackets are $60.

Shoppers head straight to the back of the sale to shop the shoe table which consists of sneakers, dress shoes, and flip-flops. Both men’s and women’s shoes are priced the same. Dress shoes are $125, sneakers/sandals are $70, and flip-flops are $25. Children’s shoes include flip-flops which are $10 and shoes which are $50.

A person can’t deny they love a great accessory! The accessories merchandise at this sale is quite extensive from belts to scarves to bags and just to name a few. The prices of leather bags are as follows: Hold All $300, large $200, Medium/laptop $125, small $80. The prices of the non-leather bags are as follows: large $150, medium/laptop $100, small $75, canvas tote $15. Additional accessory prices are as follows: notepads are $10, socks and hankies are $12, towels, keychains, iPhone cases, underwear, knit gloves, and fabric belts are $25, cufflinks and ties/bowties are $30, leather gloves, scarves, and hats are $35, leather belts are $50, wallet/CC Holder/ iPad case are $60, and umbrellas are $70.

This sale is no doubt worth the drive to the 90210 as you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to shop Paul Smith at these great prices!

Laura DiGiovanna