The Buscemi Sample Sale

The Buscemi sample sale has begun at 260 LA, 301 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210, from Wednesday, October 3rd – Sunday, October 7th. Shoppers will find Buscemi men’s and women’s shoes, bags, and accessories far below retail prices.

When it comes to luxury sneakers and accessories Buscemi should instantly come to mind. Both men’s and women’s footwear prices are the same. There is definitely not a shortage of sneakers at this sample sale! Of course, this sale features the iconic men’s sneaker style 100MM in a large variety of colors. Other popular men’s sneaker styles that can be found are the Low Tops: 40MM, 50MM, Mid Tops: 99MM Crepone, and High Tops: 125 MM, are just some of the many styles featured in colors and sizes galore. The selection of men’s footwear continues to impress with slides in styles Slide Weave, Slides, Topanga Slide, and just to name a few. The variety of women’s sneakers is just as extensive. For those women that prefer sneakers over heals then this sale is the place you need to be. The selection of women’s sneaker styles spotted are the iconic 100MM, Low Tops: Tennis Lock, 40MM Bow Nubuck, High Tops: 125MM, and just to name a few in a large assortment of sizes and colors. Additional women’s shoe styles include slides in styles Slides Satin, Slides Band Suede, Slides, and boots such as the Site Boot Canvas and the High Soho Boot. There is also a selection of baby shoes as well. Slides are $75. Sneakers are $200. Boots are $325. Special Sneakers are $250. Baby/Toddler $100/$150.

This sale continues to impress featuring Buscemi accessories which consists of an unbelievable selection of leather backpacks in both mini and large sizes. Mini Backpacks are $400. Large Backpacks are $500. Other bags styles spotted are tote bags, clutches, and pouches. Tote Bags are $300. Clutches are $350. Pouches are $150. The accessory table also includes keychains, wallets, belts, and toiletry bags. Keychains are $35. Wallets/Cardholders are $75. Belts are $100. Dopp Kits are $200.  

With this selection and prices you have no excuse to not step up your shoe game and all thanks to Buscemi and 260 LA!

Laura DiGiovanna